Easy English. Phrase by phrase.

I am starting a personal diary. The diary is for members of The Linguist system and for readers of my blog. I will set this diary up as a separate blog, but not right away.

Even though I am using easy English, I hope this diary can help many of you. I hope it will make your English more natural. I hope you will communicate with me by email, or if you belong to The Linguist, on the voice-chat discussions.

Hello. How are you? How are you doing? I hope you are well.

Can you speak English? Can you speak English well? Would you like to speak English better??? Do you need to write English better? I will show you how. Just follow my diary.

Before I start my diary I have something to say.

There are two very important things in language learning. The most important thing is your attitude.?? Tell yourself you are going to enjoy English. Only do those things that you enjoy doing. When you listen to English, try to enjoy it. When you speak English, try to enjoy it. Do not worry about how you sound. Enjoy communicating in another language.?? If you enjoy learning you will learn faster. If you enjoy learning you will continue. You will get better and better.

The second most important thing is to learn phrases. Grammar is difficult to remember. Words are difficult to remember. Sentences are all different. Phrases appear everywhere in the language. Phrases are really useful.

A phrase is a group of words that naturally belong together. Phrases give words meaning. Learn phrases so that you can sound natural in English. Even when you become an advanced user of English, you will need clear and natural phrases. Build up your knowledge of phrases. If you have a lot of phrases that you can use, your writing will become clear and powerful.

Today I am starting my diary for our language learners. I will post my diary on my blog and put it in The Linguist Library at www.thelinguist.com. I will also record my voice reading this diary. I will place the recordings in The Linguist Library for our learners to download and listen to. Each sentence will be a separate MP3 file so that learners can practice their pronunciation and intonation.

I have one more thing to tell you. A language learner needs to be independent. In The Linguist system there is no Lesson 1 and Lesson 2 and Lesson 3. You choose what you want to read and listen to. You choose things that interest you and put them into your own files. This is very important. You must choose what to learn. You must be in charge.

So far I have highlighted phrases. I have done this to show you what a phrase is. You now know that a phrase is any group of words that naturally belong together. But now I will stop highlighting phrases.

You must learn to notice phrases yourself. Users of The Linguist system highlight phrases themselves and save them to their database to learn them. They learn to notice the phrases and choose them themselves.

Now I have started highlighting certain words. These are ???trigger??? words. These words can help you notice useful phrases.

If you are a user of The Linguist you should save some of these ???trigger??? words into your personal word database. You should do so even if you know what the words mean. In this way the system can automatically save sentences with these ???trigger??? words into your database. In the ??? words I am learning??? section you will then see many examples of how these words are used in the content that you have chosen to study. It is not enough to know what words mean. It is important to know how to use the words correctly in natural phrases.

Now I will start my diary.

Today is a sunny day in Vancouver. I am sitting at my computer. My wife is playing the piano. I can see the ocean. There is a little bit of mist over the ocean. I can see eagles, and other birds. I can even see little sailing boats waiting in the harbour. Soon there will be people to take these boats out on to the ocean.

Later today I will play some golf with my wife. This evening we are going to my younger son???s place to baby-sit. Now I have had enough of sitting at the computer.?? I want to go outside. If I spend my day at the computer it will be a waste of such a beautiful day.

While sitting here, a thick fog has come in. I can no longer see the ocean. My wife is still playing the piano.

I do not care. I am reading a book called ???In Praise of Slow???. It was written by my older son???s friend. My older son lives in London England . The book basically tells modern people to slow down and enjoy life. I am enjoying my wife???s piano playing. I am enjoying communicating with language learners around the world. I hope you all enjoy learning English. But enough is enough. Now I will end today???s entry in my diary.

Bye for now


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