Easy English Diary Feb 28

I will try to write a little bit in this diary every few days. After many days of sunshine the rain has returned to Vancouver. This February was the sunniest February in history. This was good for people in Vancouver. It was not good for skiers and people who run ski hills. Lots of sun means very little rain in the town and therefore, very little snow in the mountains.

Sunday I finally took down the Christmas lights, or at least some of them. Over Christmas we like to hang bright lights on the outside of the house and on some trees. Since Chinese New Year was in early February, that was a good excuse not to take them down. There are many Chinese people in Vancouver and they sometimes hang lights outside for their New Year. My wife’s father was Chinese and she grew up in Chinese culture so we celebrate Chinese New Year as well.

Anyway, there was no more excuse so I took them down on Sunday.

There it is. A short entry in my diary. This time I have highlighted the phrases. The next time I will highlight the “trigger” words only.


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