Another week

I promised to start a diary last week. Since then I have not written anything in the diary. Today I am sitting in the same room at my computer. I am looking out at the same sailing boats in the harbour. Today the sky is grey.

Three of our grandchildren came over to stay last night. It was Saturday night. We had a fine time. My oldest granddaughter played piano. All three children drew pictures. We read stories. We had a nice dinner Saturday night and a nice breakfast Sunday morning. We laughed and had a good time.

Soon my oldest son from London will phone. We will have a conversation via the Internet. We will use a web cam so we can see each other. I have two grandchildren in London. That makes five grandchildren in all.

I am writing an article on how to write better English. This will be put in our library at The Linguist. This will keep me busy today. I have highlighted some trigger words here. If these are saved in The Linguist that should create a lot of example sentences. Look at the trigger words and see the phrases that they trigger.

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