Diary – Tired

I attended a dinner two evenings ago. It was the Wood Works gala dinner. The wood products industry gave out prizes to engineers and architects who had used wood in the most creative ways. I have long been a promoter of wood, an ideal building product for the environment. Wood grows. There is more and more wood growing in the coniferous (needle leafed) forests of the world. I am in the wood business so I am perhaps prejudiced. But I firmly believe that wood is better for the environment than steel, concrete, bricks or plastic. I love wood.

The food was good, and the wine (a Merlot from the Interior of British Columbia) was just excellent. I had a lot of the good food and wine. I did not sleep so well. Tonight I just finished playing ice hockey. I play on a team in the over 55 years of age division. We were leading 5-3 but in the last three minutes the other team scored two goals to tie the game at 5-5.

Tomorrow morning at 8.00 o’clock I have a hard physical work out planned. It is my regular Wednesday morning work out with my son. It is very hard. There is a lot of leg and abdominal work. Sometimes we do kick boxing. I am tired now and I will be even more tired in the morning. Still I do not complain. I enjoy it. After the work out I go to the Cafe Artigiano in Park Royal for the best cup of Cappuccino in the world, much, much better than Starbucks. There I sit and read the newspaper and enjoy my coffee. Then I go to work. Wednesday is a good day.

Note the trigger words. If you are a Linguist user, make sure you know how these words are used. Try to save some of them and see what example sentences you create.

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