Diary: We lost the final

Wednesday night I attended a dinner of 20 people with the British Columbia Minister of Finance, Colin Hansen. I got my comments in regarding the state of ESL instruction in BC. He probably does not remember too much, or maybe he does.

Thursday morning I attended a conference on what to do with the BC Coastal Forest Industry. It seemed very gloomy. Most of the talk was about cost cutting and the elimination of jobs. I do not know if our firm, KP Wood Ltd. has a chance to do something there. I attended the conference with our Vice-President of Marketing, Richard Robertson. We will be following up opportunities with some of the participants. The wood on the coast is truly unique, there have to be some opportunities for us.

Thursday night was the final of the North Shore Old Timers over 55 hockey league. Our team finished 4th out of 6 teams during the regular season. However, we won all three games in the play-offs against teams that finished ahead of us during the season. So we got into the final.

We played the top team. We are the Old Goats and the opposition was the North Van Pats. They were the top team in the league all season. They scored on the first shift. We scored again in that period. It was a 1-1 game until 5 minutes from the end. We had had injuries so we had only 10 skaters, compared to 14 on the other team. And then one of our key players pulled a hamstring. So we were really short of players. The game ended up 4-2, with us on the losing end.

Old-timers hockey is all about the camaraderie and the beer(s) in the dressing room after the game. As someone said, the good thing is that at our age, we can never remember whether we won or lost anyway.


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