Donald Trump

I saw Donald Trump interviewed on TV and he was asked the secret of his success. He said that there are two secrets to success.

“Whatever you do, you have to enjoy it.”

“When you have decide where you want to go, you have to go through walls to get there.”

These are also the secrets to success in language learning.

So the challenge for the teacher is the following. How do you get the student to enjoy learning? How do you get the student to put in the effort?

My answer is simple. Let learners choose content of interest to them. Give them a learning method where they can see and feel themselves succeed. Do not complicate their lives with unnecessary explanation, correction, testing and other distractions. Let them have the language in a way that makes sense and is meaningful to them.

That is what I have tried to build into The Linguist. Over 97% of Linguist members surveyed worldwide found it enjoyable to study using our methods. 78% found it more enjoyable and more effective than previous methods they had tried. These learners had studied English for an average of 8 years before trying The Linguist.

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