Learning Japanese – in response to James

We hope to be able to offer Japanese as well as other languages, like Chinese, French, Spanish and others on The Linguist, before the end of the year. The principles will be the same; lots of interesting and authentic content to choose from; the ability to link words and phrases to the content you are reading and listening to; the chance to write and have errors corrected and analyzed; lots of measurement; voice chat over internet and so forth. We also look forward to creating a chance for language learners to share their native language with others via The Linguist. But that will take a while.

In your Japanese studies I think you just have to persevere with whatever texts you can find for now. When I studied Japanese there was not that much either. I listened repetitively to audio books like ?????????????????? by???????????????and an excellent NHK tape and text called ??????????????? as well as others???I suggest that you read on the computer. That way it is easier to look words up in an online dictionary. You should keep an excel file of new words and the phrases in which you find them. You can copy and paste dictionary definitions into your excel file. You do not have all the functions of The Linguist but you can improvise.

You will need to work hard to learn Kanji. You should target 5 per day, get it up to 10 and then try to reach 20 per day. You have to realize that you will constantly forget most of the words and charactaers that you learn. However, if you keep reading and listening and studying the words eventually you will remember more and more. All of this would be much more efficient with The Linguist. And remember, efficiency is important because there is so much to cover! Good luck!

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