English culture

I was recently in London with my wife, visiting my son and his family. One day we took our two little grandchildren to a park outside London which offered a great variety of activities for kids. There were animals, boat rides, slides, mini-golf, trampolines and much more for a full day of things to do. There was a general admission fee and all events were free. One event was of a nature that I felt was very English.

An old and slow moving red mechanical harvester (farm machine) had been converted into a sort people mover. Parents and children stood on top of the harvester in a small group surrounded by a railing. The harvester shook and lumbered around a track about the length of the circumference of two football fields. It took barely five minutes. There really was nothing to see. The harvester was driven by a heavy set and jolly Englishman. Towards the end of the circular route there was a tree branch on which was attached a rod, suspended parallel to the ground. The rod had little holes in it and was connected to a water hose. When the harvester approached the tree the driver grabbed his umbrella and as the harvester passed under the branch, water flowed into the wand. The passengers on the platform of the harvester got watered down by the wand.

Everyone laughed, the passengers, the driver and the people watching at the starting platform and waiting to get on. The harvester then pulled up to the starting platform and the next group got on, parents, grandparents and children. They had about five minutes to wait to get wet.

Could such an event exist elsewhere other than in the UK?

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