Travel notes

I was in Europe for much of June, in Sweden, London and then attending a conference on Language Instruction and the Corporate Sector in Duesseldorf. I also attended a wedding in Le Havre. France and then took it easy in a 500 year old house in a small village near Tours.

My wife and I drove around visiting small villages, eating four course meals with wine, tax and service included for 10-15 Euros and enjoyed the countryside. There was also a magnificent 27 hole golf course near by with nobody on it which we took advantage of.

The villages were delightful and as a result I bought an audio book of Proust’s Du Cote de Chez Swann which I enjoy listening to while driving around Vancouver. The village that figures prominently in Proust’s A la Recherche du Temps Perdu is located near where we stayed.

I heartily recommend audio books to language enthusiasts. Audio books can help you enjoy your reading, can allow you to access books that you find difficult, and as a result are a form of travel into an exotic world of language, history and culture of your choosing.

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