I still think back to our holiday in France. France is a wonderful country. We stayed in a little village called Brulons. We travelled by car and visited other small villages in the area of the Sarthe river. All the villages were charming.

We stopped in one small town, the name of which escapes me. There was a market in the central square. I chatted with a fellow selling cheese. He was from the Basque country. He had three cheese stalls in the Southwest of France and was now expanding to the Sarthe. He had great plans to cover the whole country. He liked selling in country markets because there was little overhead and good profits. A young businessman!

A group of four workers were doing some repairs to the road. Like municipal work teams all over the world, one man was working and four were watching. My wife and I went to the local restaurant and the work crew was there. We had a starter (in my case herring in a salad with warm potatoes and onions), a main course (fish on a bed of ratatouille), cheese and desert, with as much wine or cider as you wanted. Price, wine, service and tax included was only 10.50 Euros per head!

A river ran through the town. I guess it was the Sarthe. Old buildings, an old cathedral, narrow streets and a slow pace. Wonderful. Just before noon we saw people going to their homes with their french bread (baguette) under their arm. It was a lovely change of pace.

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