I played ice hockey at noon and managed to pull a muscle or pull a cartilage just below the rib cage. I am out of commission.I cannot swim in the ocean, I cannot play hockey on Thursday ( I was supposed to be on the ice twice a week leading up to a tournament in September). I probably cannot play golf. It hurts to cough and I sure do not want to laugh!

I have been listening to a CD on Zen in Italian which I just got from Il narratore. It is fun to hear about Zen in Italian.?? Zen teaches oneness, our oneness with the universe. It also teaches the futility of categories, like grammar rules. Zen teaches the futility of aspiring to things. It is not because we desire things that they will make us happy. Zen is against trying to focus on things. WE need to focus on the whole.

Language learning is a bit like that. We should just enjoy the process. Empty ourselves of our native language and identity. Absorb the new language as a part of something that we already belong to. Just take it in. Listening, reading and saving words and phrases can be a a repetitive exercise like zazen. It helps us, yet we should not be ambitious. We should not be striving. If we are open we will learn as much as we are supposed to learn. We will communicate and eventually we will not know what language we are communicating in.

I start my radio program on language learning tomorrow on FM 96.1 radio, Mandarin radio here in Vancouver.


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