To ESL learner on confidence

A very interesting comment from ESL learner here below to which I would like to respond here.

First let me say that every language is worth learning, whether spoken by a few people or by many. Nevertheless, at certain times and in certain places, some languages are more useful than others. English is very useful today. The policies of the




may be unpopular, but there is a great depth of history and literature and a great number of good people to know through English. The same was true for Russian under Stalin, Chinese under






even when they are rivals, and any other country and language. For people to ridicule others who try to learn languages is simply childish. We have a short time on this planet and should spend our time learning whatever interests us.

In my experience I was much less sure of myself in my twenties, than I am now. I am more confident in most situations now that I ever was. I guess this is experience. It is the feeling that you have seen a lot and are not easily surprised or awed by things. I recognize now that there were situations when I was younger when I could have been stronger or more confident. Maybe it is just a matter of maturity and battle hardiness.

I recommend that whenever you can, you just recognize that you are as good as any other person, although no better. If you respect others, you have the right to be respected. You have no need to be nervous.

When we are younger we are more self-conscious. We think we appear nervous. In fact, people normally do not pay that much attention. If we have good ideas or something positive to offer, whether it be a service, or friendship, that is really all people expect of us.

Take your life into your own hands and you will not regret it.


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