A few nights ago my wife and I invited some friends. One couple were originally Chinese, one from Hong Kong and his wife from Taiwan. Their favourite country to visit was Italy, for the wine the food and the ambiente. The other two couples were of Anglo-Canadian origin, one originally from Newfoundland. My wife is from Macau of a Chinese father and a Costa Rican mother. My parents were born in the Austro-Hungarian Empire, grew up in Czechoslovakia and I was born in Sweden and moved to Canada at the age of 5.

We had gravad lax, which my wife makes by simply marinating salmon in salt, sugar and dill. We eat this with a thimble or two of Akvavit. There is a song that goes with that.

Then we had a curry that was Sinified in a wok along with various salsas and tatskikis that my wife made to go with it. In the background was Paganini, Beethoven???s Moonlight Sonata and then some Portuguese Fados. The wine was an excellent red from the Okanagan that my friend (originally from

Hong Kong ) brought because he is a wine connoisseur. It was more than excellent.

Last night I was in a restaurant in Yaletown called Shirobay. Japanese izakaya style tapas restaurant. I had negitoro and avocado on garlic bread which went really well with red wine. This was followed by saut??ed scallops and squid with a side dish of kimchi and more red wine.

Long live fusion. Long live combining the creative efforts of people from all cultures. Lets stop focusing on the difference and celebrate what we can enjoy together.

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