A Learning Community

Classroom language teaching has the advantage of forcing the learner to do something. On the other hand it is usually an inefficient way to learn a language.

The Internet is a community with tremendous potential for people to interact with new languages and with each other and to learn languages without leaving home. The problem is that most people are not motivated enough to really apply themselves. At The Linguist we are continuing to try to develop a method for language learning that is efficient and enjoyable. We do, however, have to rely on the learner bringing some motivation.

Some people join us and do very well. Some join and to nothing. We are trying to find the ways to increase the number of people who get motivated and push themselves to learn.

We are rewriting our system right now to make it easier, more fun and more efficient. We do not know how successful we will be in converting more people into self-confident autonomous language learners. Time will tell.

Any comments out there?

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