Grammar and the linguist

Most language courses teach grammar. Learning grammar is not natural. Learning grammar is not fun for most people. Learning grammar will not make you fluent in a new language. If you want to become fluent in a new language you need to slowly get used to the language, naturally. You need to get used to how words are used. You need to learn how words come together to form phrases and sentences. If you learn naturally you will speak naturally.

The Linguist can help you learn naturally. At The Linguist you choose content that you like. You enjoy listening and reading as much as you want. Our system will teach you to notice how the words are used. As you listen and read you will save words and phrases to your personal database.

When you save words and phrases to your personal database at you will also save the whole sentence. Soon you will notice which words naturally go together and how they are used. After a while you will be able to use these words and phrases naturally yourself.

Many people who study grammar for a long time do not learn to speak naturally. They are afraid to make mistakes. At The Linguist we do not want you to think so much about grammar. We want you to learn naturally. If you really want to buy a grammar book buy the smallest one you can find.??

At The Linguist you will learn how to express your thoughts well and create clear sentences. You will learn many new words and phrases. The way words are used will be different from your own language. When you first meet new words you may refer to your own language for the meaning. As soon as possible you should try to notice how the words are used in the new language and forget how these words are used in your own language.

If you have questions you may ask your tutor or post on The Linguist Forum. I hope you will ask ???What does this mean???? or ???How do you say this???? and not ???Why is it written this way????. It is the not the rules of grammar, but lots of listening and reading and studying of words and phrases that will train you to become fluent

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