More on wine

My penchant for red wine is partly because of the taste and partly because of the association in my mind with the Mediterranean going back to classical antiquity. Who knows all the complex reasons why one likes something? But I just know that I like red wine.

I do not like all red wine. Red wine should have a complex taste. To me wine should not be sour, nor sweet, nor should it be too fruity nor should it be harsh. A good red wine has many tastes. You taste it differently on the front of your tongue, on the top of your tongue, on the sides of your tongue and in your whole mouth, before it goes down.

White wine is served cold, and therefore it is harsher on the taste buds. I find it less pleasant and more sour. It can be refreshing on a warm day.

Champagne is also a form of wine. It has the unique quality of making people feel genuinely happy and social in a very short period of time. It is a good pre-dinner drink for that reason. It is very festive.

I am not a collector of wine. I have not the patience to store wine for years. I just buy wine and drink it. I find that wines around the $15-20 range give you the best value for money. Wines that are less expensive often taste harsh or sour. Wines that are more expensive are often not worth it.

There are no rules. Yo should just try different bottles from different origins. Keep a record of which areas and which grapes you liked, and which producers. Then you go back to some of your favourites, while you explore some new brands.

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