Steve’s tips on wine tasting

Steve’s tips for wine tasting.

Scenario 1 Group wine tasting
1) Cook a good meal
2) invite some good friends
3) Open a bottle of good wine, let it breathe
4) Toast everybody and wish them welcome
5) Start drinking, eating and talking, more or less at the same time

Scenario 2 Tete a tete wine tasting
1) Cook a good meal
2) Set the table for two
3) Dim down the lights and light some candles
4) Pour out two glasses of wine, let them breathe
5) Look her or him in the eyes for a long time
6) Have a drink of wine
7) Eat your dishes, sharing some with each other


Start thinking of what might be

Scenario 3 Solitary wine tasting
1) Cook yourself a simple meal, French bread with a little cheese, pate or ham and pickles will even do.
2) Open the bottle you were saving for yourself
3) Put some classical music on
4) Pour out the glass slowly, let it breathe
5) Sip from the glass and imagine you are Marcus Aurelius or Hadrian contemplating your life while facing the Barbarians on the front lines.

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