Corporate training

All corporations recognize that they need to invest in training. We talk of life-long learning, adult learning, the learning corporation and so forth. Yet a high percentage of the corporate English training does not bring about significant improvement in the English skills of the corporate learners.

It is time to decentralize the English learning activity in corporations. Let the learners find their own way. Make them aware of different options, like The Linguist for example. Make sure that there is an ability to constantly measure what the learners are doing, such as we have at The Linguist. As long as the employee is studying and improving, then the employer continues to subsidize the cost. If the employee is not studying and not improving, the employer can see this and will stop subsidizing his studies.

It is only a minority of corporate English language learners who are really motivated and willing to work hard. They should be helped. The same is true for government subsidized language training for immigrants in countries like Canada. It should be directed towards those people who are genuinely motivated to work on their own. Just going to class will not do it. Only a motivated language learner who is prepared to really work at the language on his/her own will actually learn. Help those willing to really help themselves. Then watch them!

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