A Typical Week on The Linguist

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People often ask me how I would go about learning a new language with The Linguist system. I imagine it would go something like this.

Day 1

I know I need to read and listen a lot in the new language. It is the best way to learn. I am glad that the The Linguist brings this content to me. I start with easy content. The “About The Linguist” series in Easy Starters is the best place to start. I read this content and listen to it. I pick out all the words that interest me. Some words I do not know. Some of them I know but I am not confident using them, so I save them. I do the same for phrases that I want to use. This takes about 30 minutes.

I stay at the computer, reading the content a few times while listening. Then I print the text so I can read it without listening, while sitting on a comfortable chair. Sometimes I need to go back to the computer to check the meaning of new words, which I have already forgotten. While at the computer I download the audio file in LISTEN and take it away for repeated listening on my MP3 player while walking around the house. My wife looks at me and makes a funny face.

Day 2

I wake up and listen to my content. I have trouble understanding certain parts. It does not matter. I believe I will get better if I work regularly. I listen while going to work. I listen during my lunch break, and again on my way home.

As soon as I come home I go to the computer. At first I review the words and phrases I learned yesterday. I saved only 10 words and 10 phrases yesterday. That is too few. I read some more content in order to save more words and phrases. I want to reach the targets that I see in my Progress Bar.

I go to the REVIEW section and spend some time testing myself on my words and phrases. I print a list of these words and phrases and study them for 10 minutes before dinner. I then try to read the content without having to refer to my list. I listen to the MP3 player again before going to sleep.

Day 3

I am starting to get used to listening. I am happy listening while going to work, during the day, while returning home and even a little before I go to bed. The language is always with me.

I want to increase my new words and new phrases. So I finish reading the content item I was studying. I select a new content item since I am tired of listening to the old one. While reading or saving new words at the computer I also review the words and phrases that I saved before. I do this at least once a day. This is starting to become a habit.

Day 4

I feel I have had a lot of input. Now I want to practice with someone. Yesterday I signed up for a Discussion on The Linguist. Today I join the Discussion and find that I have trouble expressing myself. I know I need to do more listening and reading, but I decide to go work on my pronunciation. I do this for 15 minutes. It is hard work but it is fun. I concentrate on the vowels my Discussion tutor told me were a problem for me. I decide to work on my pronunciation every day.

Then I pick up my MP3 player and go for a walk while listening over and over. I listen for the new words and phrases I have been reviewing. I say these words and phrases out loud, pronouncing clearly and in a loud voice. My neighbours think I am crazy.

Day 5

I feel that my new habits are starting to become natural, and even enjoyable. I continue with my reading, listening and reviewing of new words and phrases. Now I want to write something. I try to write using my new phrases and words. I try to express thoughts that I had trouble expressing on the voice chat. I do not worry too much about grammar, but instead try to write the way I speak. I write about 200 words. This takes about 30 minutes. I submit the writing for correction on The Linguist.

While on the computer I read some more content to make sure I save enough words and phrases to keep up with my targets. Then I go to prepare dinner while listening to my MP3 player. This time I decide to listen to the old content item that I started with. It feels like an old friend.

Day 6

My listening and reading and reviewing activities now do not even seem like studying. I just do them. I enjoy them. I can feel that I am starting to acquire the habits of a linguist.

I log in to The Linguist and find that my writing has been corrected. I see the kinds of mistakes that I make. I focus my efforts on these areas. I save some of the new phrases provided by the corrector. I try to look for similar phrases in my reading. I will need to study more content in order to really get used to the language. I know that one day I will be able to import newspaper articles into The Linguist. Then I can learn all the words that I need to know to understand the newspaper. But first I must keep at what I am doing and follow my plan.

We are going to visit with friends that evening but I still listen to my MP3 player for 15 minutes before going.

Day 7

I feel satisfied. I have done a good week of work. Today I will rest. Maybe I will watch a video in the language I am learning or do something fun in the language. Tomorrow I will start another week of language learning on The Linguist system. I am on my way to becoming fluent in the language. I know that there is more to learn about the functions of The Linguist. I can listen to Steve’s tips in my language. I can follow the Demos on each page in my language. There is a lot to learn in the language, and a lot to learn about The Linguist.

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