My wife Carmen is in Toronto visiting her 90 year old mother. I had a busy day on my own. I had a nice full breakfast including two cups of cappuccino made on my own cappuccino machine. I recently went back to the place where I got the machine and got a complete lesson on how to heat the milk to bring out the natural sweetness of the milk. I now just love my cappuccino in the morning.

Anyway, then I studied some Russian. Then I went to watch my granddaughter (8 years old) play soccer. Then I went snowshoeing with my son on the local mountain. ( Photos to follow) Then with my wife away I decided not to bother with cooking dinner (including not even heating up one of the cooked meals she left me) and headed off to the local sushi restaurant.

I love to sit at the counter. Everyone working in this restaurant including the owner and head sushi chef is Japanese. There is something to be said for “authenticity”. Not for me the Japanese restaurants run by Chinese and Koreans, nor Italian restaurants run by Greeks and Turks. Sorry.

I chatted up the staff in Japanese then started up in?? Korean with the father and son sitting beside me at the bar. The son was studying culinary arts in a famous Vancouver cooking school Dubrulle. The young fellow was totally into cooking and wanted to learn French. I gave him our website address telling him that we would have French in a few months and gave him some tips on language learning, whether he wanted to listen or not. On the other hand he called me “Sir” when he left. There is nothing wrong with a little politeness.


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