More on grammar

We have more action on the issue of grammar.

First to Assad, I also enjoyed the conversation with you and your brother. I salute your enthusiasm for language learning and your excellent English. I look forward to the day when we will be able to offer Urdu at The Linguist. I suspect it will be a key to understanding the rich cultural history of your area, starting with the Harrapan civilization, then followed by the influences of many other languages, cultures and religions that have come later.

Art, I am working on my Russian. First I am just exposing myself to content, listening and reading over and over. Unfortunately I do not have The Linguist system, so the accumulation of vocabulary is much less efficient than it could be. This slows me down. I always forget the same words. If the word is introduced chapter 4 and I meet it again in chapter 8 I have to look it up again. I do not have a personal database of words and phrases that I want to focus on. Nevertheless, I am gradually able to remember more and more.

As I gain some familiarity with the logic of the language I can then go back to the beginning of the book and read a little about grammar. I read the grammar, not in the hope of learning when to use the Dative or the Genitive, nor in the hope of remembering which words are neuter or masculine, but rather as a summary description of what I have observed in the language. It now makes sense, whereas it did not at first. Of course I skip the questions and drills. I know that I will make mistakes on the grammar in the same way as I forget the words and phrases. I know I just need more exposure.

I am getting used to certain phrases, such as

?????????? ???? ?????????? ??????????


lives on the fifth floor

?? ?????????? ????????????


with your brother

often without knowing why they are said the way they are. The theoretical explanations can all come later, once I understand what these explanations refer to. But I know that in order to be able to respond quickly and accurately in the language I have to learn to imitate the natural phrasing of the language, naturally. And I need more words.

Art, when we offer Russian in The Linguist, I will be looking for people to contribute good natural and interesting Russian language audio and etext content, perhaps in exchange for content and help in other languages.

So content based learning is more efficient and more fun, and with modern technology it can only get better.

But to the grammar lovers, ???go to it, whatever turns you on??????

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