Korean difficulties

Max points out that Korean has a complicated grammar unlike Chinese or Japanese. Having spent a few months learning Korean I can agree. However, I did not read the pages and pages of grammatical explanations in the books I used, with fancy terms like copulative endings! I just listened, read and got used to how things were said.

Every new language brings its own difficulties. At?? first the language seems an insurmountable obstacle of strangeness. After much input you start to get a feel for the language. The strangeness slowly becomes normal, as long as you do not fight it. If you let the language come in and accept it without questioning “why?’, you start to understand more and more. With enough input you will eventually be able to say things in the new language. You will get a lot wrong, but eventually you improve. Of course you need to continue your efforts until you achieve your goals.

I look forward to having Korean on The Linguist so I can get back to it. I have stopped now because the content in the text books I have been using is simply too boring and uninteresting. And remembering words and phrases is simply too difficult without a system like The Linguist.

We will need interesting, authentic Korean content, and then I will be back learning Korean. And I will not be focused on explanations of grammar.

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