Distance learning – an example

I have had a painful frozen shoulder for at least 8 months. No amount of phyisiotherapy, massage, acupuncture, IMS therapy or exercizes did any good. I heard on the radio that Pavol Demitra of the Vancouver Canucks was improving his sore shoulder by swimming the breast stroke. I started going to the local Community Centre swimming pool, and what do you know. It worked. After a month or so my shoulder is much much better.

But I discovered that I am a lousy breast stroke swimmer. Everyone goes faster than me, or just about. I was thinking about asking one of the swim instructors at the Community Centre to give me a lesson in the breast stroke. But then I looked the breast stroke up on youtube. I found all kinds of excellent videos which have been viewed by 500,000 people or so.

I looked at a few, and now I know that both my upper body and lower body movements were wrong. I can’t wait to get back to the pool to try out my new swimming technique. I want to beat the 80 year old woman who leaves me in her wake. (just joking)


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