Why LingQ is a commercial site.

I posted a video in French earlier, in response to a video message on youtube, from a young Frenchman, who expressed disappointment at the fact that LingQ was a commercial site, even though my videos encourage people to learn languages. I answered him in French in an earlier video. Here, in response to a request from Vera, I answer him in English.


3 thoughts on “Why LingQ is a commercial site.

  1. Unfortunately my French is at a level that I can understand it, but I fully understand why LingQ is a commercial site. I mean, you put work into it, right? And I mean, you put a lot of time and effort in it.Not everything has to be free, although some people thing it should. Well, why aren’t they working for free then? It just doesn’t make sense that people want to have things for free but often aren’t willing to give something themselves.Keep up the good work Steve!

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