Avatar and language learning

Is there are connection between Avatar and language learning? Well there may be two. First of all, someone spammed my youtube channel with an offer to download Avatar free of charge.

This caused me to google Avatar to see what the movie is all about. It turns out to be some kind of ridiculous Hollywood fantasy about societies in outer space. Now that I know that, I will not go to see the movie. I may spend the time reading a book in a foreign language, or just studying German on LingQ, in preparation for a trip I have to make, not to outer space, but to Vienna, in February.

2 thoughts on “Avatar and language learning

  1. Is there any connection between Avatar and people’s death? Well… here in Taiwan a man died of a stroke likely caused by over-excitement from watching the 3-D version of Avatar. At least that how the news said. Still, don’t feel like to watch it in theater at all.

  2. Regarding the cinematographic presentation, Avatar and language learning, what may be the link is that the aliens in the film, the Na’vi, speak a beautiful language calle Na’vi. It was constructed for the film, with much the same intentions Klingon was made for Star Trek, to add a bit of flavour. There may even be speculation that Na’vi may be the next ‘cool’ language for SciFi geeks to learn in place of Klingon.

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