Funding for immigrant ESL in smaller communities -$2,000 per immigrant per year.

According to this news item, the Canadian government is funding a program to train ESL coordinators who in turn train volunteers to teach English to immigrants. The funding for the program is $2 million and the number of immigrants served was 894. This comes to around $2,000 per immigrant learner.

What would happen if each immigrant were given a language learning voucher for $500 and allowed to spend the money as he saw fit, (at LingQ for example) and then was promised another $1,250 in cash as soon as he or she became comfortable in the language? Of course there would have to be some kind of test. For a few hundred dollars it would be possible to?? have an in depth interview with the learner, at the beginning and at the end in order to evaluate the learner’s progress.

If LingQ were used, the volunteers could tutor at LingQ and earn points for their own learning, or to convert into cash. The trainers would not be required.

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