Wikipedia again

I was searching for information on Chinese newspapers in Hong Kong and as usual Wikipedia popped up. There is what this authoritative source, carefully edited by its volunteer guardians of impartiality approved.

Ming Pao’s style is somewhat more professional compared to other newspapers, as well as its own previous incarnation. Instead of writing sensational headlines designed to attract the readers, Ming Pao prefers to use moderate wording and seems to take a professional approach. Thus, many readers find its articles to be fair and neutral. Entertainment news rarely make it to the front page on Ming Pao, unlike other papers in Hong Kong. Ming Pao is still best-known for being honest and responsible by publishing only the facts and not the exaggerated, gory photographs common in other newspapers that are unpleasant to readers, especially children.

According to Ming Pao, its main reader groups are the middle class, professionals, managers and corporate decision-makers. They are groups of generally higher income and education levels, making them a very important group in Hong Kong.

Ming Pao is also one of the favourite newspapers among educational institutions. Schools often list Ming Pao as the best newspaper for subscription, and often offer special discounts for students in order to encourage them to subscribe to and read the newspaper more.

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