The three keys to language learning success.

When I attended the ACTFL (American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages ) Convention in San Diego, I heard the following wise words from Mary Ann Lyman-Hager, Director of the San Diego State University Language Acquisition Research Center.

“Language learning success depends on the attitude of the learner, the time spent with the language and noticing what happens in the language”.

Here is a podcast on that subject, which I will have transcribed over the next few days. I will divide it into short segments and put it all into the Library at LingQ.

3 thoughts on “The three keys to language learning success.

  1. A great thanks to you. Your advise indeed motivates me as a learner of English in English Department at a university in Vietnam. I feel whenever I lose the patience for learning English or other languages I intend to learn, lisening to your thorough share will never be unnecessary. Thank you!

  2. This is well stated. I look forward to seeing this as articles in the lingq library so our conversation club students can read and listen to this. I also wish my husband would listen to it. We live in Mexico, and he has given up trying to learn Spanish.

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