Who speaks Irish?

One of my points of contention with Benny was that he had not actually used his three month cold turkey system other than for Czech, where he achieved a fluency level of 5 out of 10 on his scale according to him, (not quite “beyond fluency”). I contended that for Irish there were too few native speakers for this to work. I said that my Irish friend told me that few people in Ireland actually spoke Irish. Benny called my friend an idiot.

My friend, Peter, plays goal on our old timers’ hockey team. A great guy and a good goalie. I told him of Benny’s response so he send along this email with a link on the subject.

Hi Steve,
This link sums it up quite well!?? 0.4%to 0.5%!
That guy is full of “plamas” (B.S. in English)
There! I just spoke Irish (outside of the educational system). I am now an Irish speaker……for today at least!




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