10 year old home-schooler whips me in tennis.

I had my tennis lesson today with Kuniko, my new tennis coach, at the public tennis courts. (I am determined to get back into tennis.)

Our session was at 2.30 in the afternoon. Kuniko had a ten year old boy she was working with, whose name was Alex. Kuniko asked me if I minded having the lesson together with him. I agreed. After our lesson, Alex asked me I wanted to play a set. I foolishly agreed. He beat me 6-3, as a number adults watched approvingly.

“What are you doing playing tennis in the day (you little brat) ?” I asked and muttered some swear words under my breath. ” I am home schooled” he said. His mother was there so I spoke to her. She said that she let him go to school for the first three years just to socialize, now she wanted him to learn something. She was a former school teacher. She said that he will go back to regular school in high school.

He did promise me a revenge match. Actually he was a delightful kid.


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