The LingQ App for iPod Touch/iPhone has converted me to more active Flash Carding

The new LingQ App for the iPod Touch/iPhone is now available from the iTune store.

Here is my initial reaction. I look forward to hearing from others.

I have, in the past, resisted heavy Flash Carding because I did not like doing it on the computer. Now with the ability to do it anywhere, I find that I am doing it more and enjoying it more. Some observations.

* Holding the iPod Touch while sitting in a chair, is comfortable, and sure beats sitting in front of a computer.
* The design of the interface and the colours are pleasant. It is kind of addictive.
* It is easy to choose a language, and customize the Flash Cards, simple and intuitive.
* With the touch of a finger I can edit my saved phrase and my Hint, so I edit more often, paying more attention to each word and phrase.
* It is easy to change the status of words, and therefore I have moved a lot of words to Known, good for my statistics at LingQ!
* The Flash Cards are based on the active lessons in my LingQ account. Reviewing the words reminds me of the lesson they came from.
* I can focus on vocabulary of interest, by choosing which active lessons to keep on my workdesk, so there is great interaction between content and flash carding.

Give it a try and let me know what you think.


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