Heading back home

It is early morning here in Vienna, and it looks as if my flight to Frankfurt is on schedule. From there I hope to fly on to Vancouver. My ticket from Canada was based on Vienna as the returning point, but our meeting in Vienna was canceled. We still had to return from Vienna or face heavy cancellation charges. ( I always buy the cheapest possible ticket).

It has been a hectic two weeks. One week of successful meetings in Sweden in Vaxjo, Stockholm, Dalarna and Skelleftea, where all travel arrangements went smoothly, and then the ash cloud hit. Instead of flying to Hamburg we had to drive, and from there we drove to Vienna. I took advantage to visit a sawmill on the way, near Dinkelsbuehl, a wonderful Medieval town between Stuttgart and Nuremberg, where we spent the night. Then we drove to Munich only to find that we could not get a train to Vienna so we drove to Vienna. A late night snack and some Austrian wine, and to bed. We even found a place where a Hungarian man was playing the Zither. I like Austrian wine, but most places are full of people smoking which is decidedly less pleasant.

It is a pity to arrive in Vienna, see all the majestic Imperial buildings and just have to jump on a plane and fly home.


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