Our foreign languages are our own to use as we please.

Khatzumoto speaks much better Japanese then I do, Deko tells me in a comment here. I saw a video of Khatzumoto speaking Japanese. He is excellent,casual,?? natural and it strikes me, as a non-native,that he is very native like. I am very impressed. I am also impressed by his commitment and contribution to language learning. He has obviously influenced and inspired many people.

My Japanese works for me. I can communicate socially and professionally. I can read and understand. I have some audio books here and one day want to do more Japanese literature and improve my vocabulary. I have not lived in Japan since 1982 and am unlikely to achieve the easy spoken Japanese level that Khatzumoto has. His Japanese suits his situation and needs. Mine is sufficient for mine.

I had two employees once, selling into the Japanese market. One spoke plodding Japanese, with a strong accent. The other was good enough to go on TV. The customers preferred the one with the plodding Japanese, not because his Japanese was plodding, but because he was better at his job and more reliable. It could just as easily have been the other way around. Who and what you are will come out, whether you speak flawlessly with no accent or not. How fluent you are is a separate issue from who you are. Khatzumoto the man is more than just the way he speaks Japanese.

Speaking languages is not like figure skating or a dog show. We do not need to be judged. We learn languages for ourselves, for our own purposes, and they belong to us. We can be satisfied with them, or we can seek to improve. It is up to us.

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