How much grammar and when – a debate

Vince of streetsmart language learning and your humble servant had a “debate” about the merits of grammar learning, when to do it and how much of it we need, and even how to do it. I am sure we both feel that we did not get all our licks in.

Skype was not cooperating and our discussion was dropped twice, so there are three audio files.

I would be happy to have similar debates or discussions with any of you, in any language that we have in common.

This debate is interesting to contrast with the interview I had with Professor Sakai of Tadoku, where we basically agree on most things. Language learning is personal, and we can choose our own road. I think, however, that most serious learners have a similar goal, to understand and to speak, and to get there in the shortest possible time,while enjoying the process. I also think that many learners like talking about their favourite ways of learning.


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