Kindle kindles my fire

This morning Amazon sent me an email with a few books on education that their system thought I would be interested in. I agreed and decided I wanted to buy these books from the Amazon website. Then I looked at the shipping bill and said “hold it.”. I called my son who has my Kindle. I got it from him for Christmas and never used it, since most of my reading was in foreign languages at that time.

” I want my Kindle back, and while your at it please try to buy these two books for me” I said. Detto fatto. The books were bought. Then Mark gave me back my Kindle and I read the two books. I think of how much time I would have had to spend in stores, or waiting for my package from Amazon. Wow!?? And I thoroughly enjoyed reading on the Kindle once I got used to it.

I will be buying more books this way. Less clutter on my shelves. This is especially convenient for “information” books as opposed to “treasure” books.

I only wish they had foreign books and LingQ so that I could work on my foreign languages. Perhaps in the future.

The books were Liberating Learning and The Future of Learning Institutions in a Digital Age.

2 thoughts on “Kindle kindles my fire

  1. They have a wide selection of French and German books, Steve. They also have Spanish books available on Kindle to a lesser extent. Unfortunately, it doesn’t support non-Latin alphabets at this point.

  2. Thanks Davo, I will look into it, although a big thing for me would be a built in dictionary of some kind, not so much for French, but certainly for German, Spanish and Portuguese, not to mention Russian which is not yet available on Kindle I gather.

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