Help! What is the best way to create ‘text and sound only’ videos for youtube

I have been playing around with different ways to develop simple short lessons for different languages , but I have not found a useful software to do this. Does anyone have any advice on how to most simply create a text only video, consisting of words and phrases in a language. These would be accompanied by a narrative talking about the words and phrases that appear on the screen. Many thanks for any advice on how best to do this.

I would like to start a series of simple, easy to make videos as ice-breakers, or handy tips, for language learners. These can by learners talking about how they reacted to a new language,things they found difficult or easy,?? or native speakers focusing on certain points of usage. I see these as less then 3 minutes long, text and sound only. I would like to see a vast collection of these, on different languages, recorded in different languages. I have some ideas already but I cannot find the ideal software to compose these.

I see this as a collaborative effort, with learners asking for certain subjects to be dealt with, or others just creating them. Thus the method used for creating these needs to be easy to use.

2 thoughts on “Help! What is the best way to create ‘text and sound only’ videos for youtube

  1. Hi Steve, I’m not able to post own your Typepad blog because I’m not registered there. I use Camtasia studio. I was able to get a free and legal German version (an older one) and it is easy to use. I’ve written down some instruction for myself how to do them but it is written in German with Word. I don’t know if this would be helpful for you.I’ve written on the forum about Camtasia some time ago: I’ve a lot of documentation from the internet.There are some instructions videos about how to create a video with Camtasia studio.You know my videos and you know how I combine different functionalities. If you want to know more please ask.

  2. I recommend using Keynote. You can then export the narrated slideshow as a video and upload that to YouTube. In addition, I highly recommend uploading the presentation to SlideShare.

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