In praise of random repetition

I am not a user of Spaced Repetition Systems. I like Random Repetition, not repetition based on a time table set by a system, or by a teacher, for that matter.

I do, however, like to review flash cards. I do it occasionally especially now that I can do it on my iTouch. I feel it helps me to focus and it improves my attentiveness to the language. I certainly don’t do it every day. I do it when I feel like it. I read when I feel like it, and listen when I feel like it. I do what I like, when I like, but I do a lot of it. That gives me lots of random exposure to words and phrase. I like randomness because it increases my enjoyment and makes me spend more time with my language studies.

I did a video on the subject but I keep getting errors in publishing to youtube for some reason. I will try again and if it works I will post the video.

1 thought on “In praise of random repetition

  1. Well, this definitely makes me feel better about myself and my lack of discipline when it comes to SRS. I did really well for a few months at reviewing my flashcards daily, but when things got busy, it didn’t take long for me to neglect my SRS reviews. This created a psychological block for me, as I believed that with each passing day I was not only accumulating a huge stack of cards to review, but I was also probably forgetting everything I had worked so hard to memorize. My memory just can’t be that good, right?I found, however, that although the review stack was indeed huge, I hadn’t forgotten all that much. I had been so conditioned by the notion, "If you don’t use it, you lose it," that I had almost no belief in my memory’s ability to hold those words for more than a few days. Recently, I’ve spent lest time in front of the computer and more time "in the wild" practicing what I’ve learned with real people. It’s a nice change from the "system" I was trying to force myself into before. And it’s working great.

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