Language teaching credentials.

Teachers’ credentials are irrelevant to language learning in my view. A teacher needs to have strong verbal skills, be competent and have experience as a language learner and teacher. School administrators, and education authorities, and the teachers themselves, love credentials. If kids aren’t learning, then they think the answer?? just to raise the credential requirements and put on more training. Yet education outcomes do not depend on credentials. There is research that proves it. Good teachers can have a major influence on learners but their credentials are no indicator of their ability as teachers, in my experience.


One thought on “Language teaching credentials.

  1. Amen to that! I’ve got credentials, and even I don’t really believe in them! And on top of everything you said Steve, there’s also a huge problem in that teachers rarely even have the flexibility to exercise their talents in the best possible way!I also agree that teachers need to be able to teach themselves a language. It’d be like working with an overweight personal trainer. Not really someone you’d trust to get you in shape, right?I’ve always loved your stuff. Thanks for continuing to do what you do.Peace,Ryan

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