Help, my iPod touch stopped working

I only bought the iPod touch last November. I love it and tell people about it. Now, since yesterday, when I plug in my earphones, my “Music” (actually language files) will not play. If I pull out the earphone jack it works. Can anyone explain what is happening and what I can do? I tried a reset and it did not help.


5 thoughts on “Help, my iPod touch stopped working

  1. Hello Steve, did you try another headphones ? if that’s not the case you might want to restore it somehow.

  2. Steve, for just about everything that a reset doesn’t fix, Apple recommends a restore. Described here: that doesn’t work, then it sounds like a hardware problem. However, since you bought it in November, it is still under Apple’s warranty (one year). They will repair or replace it at no charge. Let us know how it works out. I would be bereft without my iPhone (basically, an iPod Touch with phone LOL).

  3. ??I restored my iPod touch. It still did not work. Then I stuffed the jack into the iPod touch quickly and pulled it out about 5 times and lo and behold it works again. Thank you to all.,

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