Learning to listen – university style

In my previous post I talked about the wonders of purposeful listening. Over the last few years I have listened to thousands of hours in various languages and have learned more than I could have learned in more than a few college courses. I did it all using my dead time, washing dishes, jogging, waiting in line etc.

Some people say they cannot do this. Is this a skill that needs to be learned? Or, and I think this is more likely, it is a skill the develops as we do more and more of it. We just need to be motivated enough to get started. It just gets easier and easier, and the rewards are enormous.

I googled “learning to listen” and found the following article from York University, instructing university students on how to listen. It struck me as just another example of academics trying to make something quite simple and personal into something complicated and teachable.

Learning to listen need not be that difficult. Besides, I find it easy to concentrate on what I am listening to when doing the dishes, with no pressure and no goal other than to enjoy what I am listening to. Sitting in a lecture room listening to a often boring professor, with all the surrounding distraction, is much more difficult for me.

What do others think?


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