" I like giving people cavities" , "You look like a spare prick at a wedding" and other useful English phrases.(???????????????)

I am charging ahead in Korean. I love the challenge of deciphering a?? language. Even though I studied some Korean 4 or 5 years ago, when I attack a difficult text today, just about every word has to be looked up. I don’t mind. Even after I look up the words, I still do not fully understand the text, and that does not bother me either. I am looking forward to the day when it will all make sense.

Some words are not in any of our online dictionaries at LingQ. Often the dictionary explanations do not make sense either, like this one from the Naver dictionary for the term ????????????.

Naver translates this as “feel the weightlessness of” and offers a number of Korean sample phrases with the English translation. There is even text to speech to help the Koreans who are learning English. These phrases sound great when you hear them. I hope not too many Koreans try to use them though. I mean when and to whom would you say…

“You look like a spare prick at a wedding”

??”I hope his words don’t make felt”

” I like giving people cavities”

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