Korean as it is and LingQ – cooperative language learning on the web

Korean {as it is} is a great website devoted to learning Korean. LingQ is a language learning community and platform, offering 11 languages, now that we have just added Korean. These two sites are working together to create a learning environment and common resources for Korean learners. I think this is an example of how cooperative language learning can work on the web.

James, of Korean {as it is}, is not only providing content for the LingQ Korean Library,he is also translating some of the LingQ beginner items into Korean and arranging the recording them for LingQ. He has even created detailed notes fr the lessons.This is all done with full acknowledgment of the creator of the content, and a link to the Korean {as it is} site. We hope our learners will go there to discover that great resource as well as the links to other Korean learning sites that can be found there.

LingQ offers its learners audio and text content, as well as online sessions with tutors, and writing correction. At LingQ we welcome the cooperation of other language learning sites which offer similar services,?? or different language learning services, such as grammar explanations, work sheets etc. We hope other language sites will share some content with us as a means to attract readers to their own sites.?? Each cooperating site can have its own objective, learning philosophy and modus operandi. By pooling some resources, and making people aware of all sites, everyone benefits, especially the learners.

Textbooks can be expensive, overly complicated, fully of redundant and obtuse explanations and information and boring. Cooperative language learning on the web can be a much more dynamic, interactive and flexible solution.

Thanks James for all your hard work.

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