Korean learning journey – Day 3.

Day three of my second attempt at learning Korean. Our library at LingQ is growing slowly. I have read?? “Who is She” parts one and two, saved words and listened to them about 3-4 times each. The other collection loaded into our library was not really very interesting and a bit hard. I did import a newspaper article and go through it. There the difficulty did not bother me because the subject of the article was interesting.

I have also reviewed my flash cards from these lessons a few times, moving a lot of words and phrases to “known”. I am making room. I know that there are more on the way.

I am waiting for more episodes of ‘Who is She” to be translated and recorded, as well as other more interesting content, I hope. Meanwhile I am going back to some of the material I used 4 years ago. I am rereading the Colloquial Korean beginner book. I tried listening to the recording but the English on the recording really put me off. I?? hate it when I am asked questions on a tape, especially in my own language. I am more of a passive learner. I found this book useful 4 years ago mostly because it was short and got me going to the point where I could start focusing on interesting content. I bought a lot of readers with glossaries. Unfortunately I was unable to find much interesting content so I stopped studying Korean. Now I have LingQ and am back at it.

All in all I guess I am spending about 40 to 60 minutes a day on Korean.

Unfortunately I am more attracted to the interesting content in Russian and Portuguese that I can find on the web, so most of my dishwashing, driving and jogging time is spent on those languages. I hope that this changes.

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