Talk to me in Korean

Talk to me in Korean is a website for learners of Korean managed by Hyunwoo Sun. Hyunwoo has kindly agreed to share some of this Korean language content, a series of light-hearted intermediate level dialogues about everything and nothing, in the LingQ Korean library.

As a part of my renewed efforts at learning Korean, I have been listening to these dialogues, reading them, saving words from them and most of all just enjoying them. They are everything language learning material should be, interesting, not too difficult for the intermediate learner, no English, no explanations, no notes, just the language. After listening and reading them for a while I am getting a better and better sense of the patterns of the Korean language, and of course I am learning a lot of words.

Korean is fun to study on LingQ, because so many of the words can have 10 different meanings. When I look them up in our online dictionary I often get weird and obviously irrelevant meanings, or a great long list and I do not know which one fits. I think that is a great training exercize for language learning. It teaches modesty and patience in the learner. The language is like a beautiful girl who is only going to reveal herself slowly, and tantalizingly and often deceptively. If you are going to get to know her, you are going to have to earn it. You are going to have to spend the time with her.


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