Hyper education, or Motion Based Language Learning (MBLL)

Here is an article about the educational pressure cookers in Korea, Japan and China, with the suggestion that this trend will expand elsewhere. I hope that another model will prevail where the kids are encouraged to study on their own pace, and to do things that they like, using all of the new facilities that technology is making possible.

English learning is a big part of the Asian educational pressure cooker and look at the results in terms of English fluency in these East Asian countries. Some Asian parents send their kids to live abroad in home stay families, just in the hope they will learn English. The results are sometimes not so positive, with high rates of drug abuse and other problems, according to this article.

I think that LingQ is a low cost alternative to all of this cramming and farming out your kids, at least for language learning. Teach kids how to jog and listen to language. Improve their fitness and let them learn naturally. Motion based language learning I call it, (MBLL). Then with the money you have saved, have a nice family vacation somewhere.

Do I have any takers?


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