How to remember grammar…anyone know of easy to use verb conjugators and noun decliners and the like?

The problems of grammar, or of the structure of a new language, are of two kinds. One, is the problem of understanding a concept that we are not familiar with in our own language. This can include the use of articles for speakers of languages that have no articles, aspect in Russian verbs,?? some tenses in English, or the subjunctive in some languages etc..

The second category of grammar problem, is actually remembering the verb form changes and case endings, and being able to use them correctly without thinking.

For the problem of understanding concepts, we need a combination of an initial general explanation, a heads up so to speak, followed by lots of exposure, then more explanation, more exposure, some correction, especially in the written form, if the learner is up to it, and more exposure and gradually these concepts start to feel natural.

For the problem of remembering noun case endings, or verb conjugations, and the like, we need to be exposed to them in context on the one hand, and also to review them in tables on the other.

I would love to find the best verb conjugators, and noun decliners for different languages. I would just enter a word, and click to see the different forms of the verb or noun, adjective etc. Anyone know of any good websites where I can find these?

3 thoughts on “How to remember grammar…anyone know of easy to use verb conjugators and noun decliners and the like?

  1. Yes, that would be great to find the best way to input and see which modal comes up as to the verg congugation. It seems I can only locate ones like this for example re: a general representation / language not for every language be able to input and see the various forms of verb that would be best / instance …only this kind of thing (see below) I locate so far..

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