Hyper education, or Motion Based Language Learning (MBLL)

Here is an article about the educational pressure cookers in Korea, Japan and China, with the suggestion that this trend will expand elsewhere. I hope that another model will prevail where the kids are encouraged to study on their own pace, and to do things that they like, using all of the new facilities that technology is making possible.

English learning is a big part of the Asian educational pressure cooker and look at the results in terms of English fluency in these East Asian countries. Some Asian parents send their kids to live abroad in home stay families, just in the hope they will learn English. The results are sometimes not so positive, with high rates of drug abuse and other problems, according to this article.

I think that LingQ is a low cost alternative to all of this cramming and farming out your kids, at least for language learning. Teach kids how to jog and listen to language. Improve their fitness and let them learn naturally. Motion based language learning I call it, (MBLL). Then with the money you have saved, have a nice family vacation somewhere.

Do I have any takers?

iPad, still trying to figure out what it is best for.

A fragment of a clay tablet, 3400 years old, with clearly formed writing on it, has been discovered in Jerusalem.0

I own an electronic tablet called an iPad. I use it for email, for browsing the internet, for language learning, but I have not yet figured out where it fits in between my iPod Touch, Blackberry and MacBook. I certainly want to explore its potential and understand because I think this new kind of computing mobility has great application for education. This remains a hunch on my part because I have not yet proved it to myself. I will continue my investigations. Any advice or comments welcome.

The role of social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook in language learning.

How can Facebook and Twitter be used in education and especially in language education?

I have to admit that I make little use of Facebook or Twitter for my own communication with people, whether for personal relations or business contacts.?? I do broadcast my posts here at my blog to Twitter and Facebook, however, and I sometimes get comments from one or the other. At LingQ we have a community of language learners who do contact each other via their Walls, talk to each other on Skype, or comment on our Forums. These people all have a common interest in languages.

On the other hand I have this feeling that spending a lot of time on Facebook and Twitter can be time consuming and somewhat aimless activities. I do not see how I would use them for my own language learning, or any kind of learning. Is this just a generational thing? Am I just too old to understand?

Talk to me in Korean

Talk to me in Korean is a website for learners of Korean managed by Hyunwoo Sun. Hyunwoo has kindly agreed to share some of this Korean language content, a series of light-hearted intermediate level dialogues about everything and nothing, in the LingQ Korean library.

As a part of my renewed efforts at learning Korean, I have been listening to these dialogues, reading them, saving words from them and most of all just enjoying them. They are everything language learning material should be, interesting, not too difficult for the intermediate learner, no English, no explanations, no notes, just the language. After listening and reading them for a while I am getting a better and better sense of the patterns of the Korean language, and of course I am learning a lot of words.

Korean is fun to study on LingQ, because so many of the words can have 10 different meanings. When I look them up in our online dictionary I often get weird and obviously irrelevant meanings, or a great long list and I do not know which one fits. I think that is a great training exercize for language learning. It teaches modesty and patience in the learner. The language is like a beautiful girl who is only going to reveal herself slowly, and tantalizingly and often deceptively. If you are going to get to know her, you are going to have to earn it. You are going to have to spend the time with her.