How best to start learning a language.

I posted the first few attempts a providing some video explanation and encouragement for our beginner texts at LingQ. I appreciate the feedback that I have received. We are going to be providing some additional resources and explanation and help to our beginner learners.

The question that comes up is, of course, what do beginners need. No doubt this will vary from person to person. I am more like Chris and so is Mark,my son, who has started studying Swedish at LingQ. He has started on Greetings and Goodbyes, looks up words, listens to the dialogues, reads them and listens to them on his iPhone, reviews his flash cards on the iPhone, and listens to the dialogues in shuffled form on his iPod.

I am not very interested in numbers and colours, months of the year, or seasons, since I find those things very difficult to remember. The affirmative, negative and interrogative form of sentences show up pretty early in just about any dialogue. We could offer lists of verbs, and these do eventually have to be learned.

We intend to make it easier to add and find explanation of structure, in an expanded notes section, attached to each lesson. We are thinking of making it easier to find the translation into the language of the learner, and possibly some word for word translation in addition. Then we will also add the odd video along the lines of what I started doing.

This will be an ongoing project, starting in a few weeks or so. All comments and advice are welcome.


2 thoughts on “How best to start learning a language.

  1. Verb and noun lists, conjugations, declensions and the like are easily found on google, not to mention every dictionary and little introduction to the language. They just take time to learn.

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