Beginner videos for French at LingQ.

We hope that our new expanded Lessons page, aimed mostly at beginners, will start up next week. There will be many more resources for learners, translations, notes, pin yin for Chinese, etc. as well as videos.

I have been experimenting with how best to do these videos. I think it is especially important to help beginners, some of whom have trouble starting from scratch at LingQ.

Please let me know what you think of my latest efforts.

These are three videos that would be accessible from the lesson page of the French Greetings and Goodbyes series.
Lesson # 1
Lesson # 2
Lesson # 3

The idea is to do these for all beginner lessons in all languages, eventually.

In our next update of LingQ it will be possible to attach a video to all lessons. It will be up to the LingQ content providers, or for those of us who are LingQ Administrators, to upload the videos. We cannot do all the videos here at LingQ so we will be looking for help from those of you have good ideas about videos that can help especially beginner learners or make the lessons more interesting for everyone.

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