Visit to Normandy, some pictures

I posted some pictures on my recent visit to Le Havre in the French LingQ community page at Facebook for those who are interested. I like this part of France, although it is often cloudy and windy. But then it was the home of several of the impressionist painters. Le Havre is just the right size of city, easy to get around in with much of what makes urban life pleasant.

My (rough itinerary in Europe). I hope to connect with some of you.

As I prepare to depart for Europe, my itinerary is slowly taking shape.

Sept 25-29 France on wood industry software related business
Sept 30-Oct 3 CLIL Conference in Eichstaett
Oct 6-16 Conferences on Language Learning in various towns in Northern Portugal, organized as part of the multi_feel program at the University of Minho
Oct 23-25 (Estimated) Barcelona
Ferry to Rome
Oct 26-7 Rome
Oct 28-9 Naples and Sorrento
November, wandering around Southern Italy, Sicily, and Sardinia, without fixed itinerary as yet. Possible presentation in a book store in Bari in the first or second week of November, and in Alghero in the last half of November.

Stay tuned as the itinerary develops.

Learning on the web – research project

I received the following interesting request via Facebook. If you have the time please do the survey. I did.

“Hello, nice to meet you, we don’t know each other directly, I am Stefano Besana an Italian researcher at Catholic University of Milan
I was wondering if you could help me in the dissemination of my research. It’s a project which is made to understand if there is a possible use of Facebook (and other SN) in educational fields (e.g., academic studies, professional training, and so on).
I am asking to to complete a simple questionnaire (no more than 3 minutes), which address topics related to social networks and industry training and education
If you want to help me in spreading the link to your contacts or to send members of the group you are admin, it would be fine.

Obviously the results will be shared.
Thanks for your cooperation and help.

Best regards

Stefano Besana (available for any clarification) “

New LingQ community pages on Facebook

We are starting a series of LingQ community pages on Facebook. Why not drop by?

Chinese LingQ where I dropped a message about the lecture I listened to last night by Shu Yi, son of Lao She, about Chinese culture.
English LingQ where I just posted a video on the importance of learning words.

There will be a community page for every language we offer at LingQ. I look forward to communicating with people, whether LingQ members or not. Please comment, or post pictures or videos or information, related to learning these languages, in the language of your choice.

Live Mocha and Rosetta Stone

Here is a financial statement for Rosetta Stone over four years ending Dec 31 2009. I find it interesting to see that they report spending almost 70 million dollars on Research and Development!

I have not been able to find similar information on Livemocha, although I think they are a publicly traded company. I could be wrong.

I believe that 90% of Rosetta Stone’s market is in the US, and 90% of LIvemocha’s users are outside the US.

In LingQ’s case about 25% of our members live in the USA.

Do we really learn languages in chunks?

Here is an article about the concept that kids learn languages in chunks and that second language acquisition can be done in the same way. I feel that learning phrases is an important part of language learning, but I still come down to individual words as the key basic element of language learning. Words, words and more words. If we learn these, through massive reading and listening and few other learning tricks, the rest kind of falls into place. I still believe that the number of words you know ( passively) is a reasonable measure of your ability in a language.